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[Powderworks] T-shirts

The May Home nearhoofmay@earthlink.net
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:03:06 -0700

Hey...is anybody out there with some ability or connection interested in 
making a powderworks t-shirt without a bomb on it?  No offense to the 
recent design (the shirts are really nice and I bought two) but I don't 
think I want to wear it with a bomb on it in the near (possibly far) 


On Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 03:56 AM, Sorensen, James R wrote:

> I am wondering if there are any more of the new Pworks T-shirts out 
> there
> anywhere?  I passed up the opportunity to get one before, thinking 
> that I
> would just wear the old one (bomb + "two sticks..."), but fear that it 
> may
> cause undue tension in light of recent events.  Can anyone help?  Can 
> there
> be another printing?
> BTW:  My wife and I are planning on being at the Detroit... er, Pontiac
> show, anyone else?
> Jim Sorensen
> Ann Arbor, MI
> jamessorensen@eaton.com
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