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[Powderworks] New Orleans show

jccuneo@bellsouth.net jccuneo@bellsouth.net
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 16:31:13 -0500

Alternately, when looking up hotels see what can be found in Gretna.  It is 
across the river, but only 10 minutes from downtown.  There are a couple 
hotels right next to the bridge.  Might be cheaper than Metarie, as 
well.  As a native one thing I never know is how much hotel rooms are.

All it takes in New Orleans is one conference and the hotels are smack 
full.  Thank goodness they didn't decide to show up at Mardi Gras 
time.  You would have been staying in Baton Rouge. ;-))


>FYI, if you're heading to the New Orleans show on 11/11, book your hotel 
>room NOW!  I tried to book online last night, and everything was full.  It 
>turns out that there's a HUGE opthomologists' convention in town that 
>weekend, and they have taken over the town.  We had to get a hotel in 
>Metarie (a suburb) for a rather exorbitant price.
>- Greg