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[Powderworks] Fw: Condolence message

Galina Yune lina_yune@msn.com
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 15:53:55 -0500

Lina Yune

>From: "Matthew Cowdery" <mcowd@mars.ocs.mq.edu.au>
>Reply-To: "Matthew Cowdery" <mcowd@mars.ocs.mq.edu.au>
>To: "workers" <powderworks@cs.colorado.edu>
>Subject: [Powderworks] Fw: Condolence message
>Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 09:43:10 +1000
>The following is a message to be sent to the President of the United States
>of America. Although we may not be able to do a great deal from where we
>are, but for the people of America just knowing we care and feel their
>sadness will help. Please put your name on the following list and send it
>to all you know and who care.
>If you are the 100th name and every 100th there on could you please also
>forward this e-mail back to myself (Natalie) on the below address, so "Our
>Sympathy E-mail" can be sent.
>Thank you for caring.
>Kind Regards
>Natalie Sonenko JP
>Secretary to Director Financial Services
>Phone 61 8 8946 6216 Fax 61 8 8946 7070
>E-mail c
>Email  natalie.sonenko@ntu.edu.au
>We the undersigned wish to express our most heart felt and sincerest
>condolences to the people of America. Our prayers, thoughts and hearts are
>with you in this time of sadness and devastation. Time will mend but the
>memories will last a life time.
>1. Natalie Sonenko, Northern Territory University, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
>2. Natalie Peters, Northern Territory University, Darwin, Australia
>3. Joanne Lanning, Perth, Western Australia
>4. Marlene Tiney, Perth, Western Australia
>5. Lara East, Perth, Western Australia
>6. Fiona Edgerton, Perth, Western Australia
>7. Maria Legudi, Melbourne, Australia *God Bless*
>8. Rachele Di Maio, Melbourne, Australia
>9. Liz Ronzio, Melbourne, Australia
>10. Fiona Tyson, Melbourne Australia
>11. Emma Kane, Melbourne Australia
>12. Lee Walter, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
>13. Melisa Doran, Melbourne, Victoria,Australia
>14. Bill Bache, Melbourne, Victoria,Australia
>15. Mike Nunn, Melbourne, Victoria,Australia
>16. Peter Bourke, Melbourne, Australia
>17. Valerie Parkis, Sydney, Australia
>18. Sarah Edwards, Sydney, Australia
>19. Lenora Roberts, Sydney, Australia
>20. Amamda Pollock, sydney Australia
>21. Joanne Radano, Sydney Australia
>22. Christina Melas, Sydney Australia
>23. Karen Steains, Sydney, Australia
>24. Teresa Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
>25. Hai Nguyen, Sydney, Australia
>26. John Burke, Sydney, Australia
>27. Ann Yap, Sydney, Australia
>28. Nicole Hannay, Sydney, Australia
>29. Jayne Selby, Sydney, Australia
>30. Di Gbel, Sydney, Australia
>31. Christie Dietzel, Sydney, Australia
>32. Cynthia Dalgleish, Sydney, Australia
>33. Nicole Walsh, Sydney, Australia
>34. Dayna White, Sydney, Australia
>35. Kevin Bray, Brisbane, Australia
>36. Susan Bray, Brisbane, Australia
>37. Val Smart, Noosa Heads. Qld Australia
>38. Kay Matthews, Brisbane, Australia
>39. Danielle Kohlman, Brisbane, Australia
>40. Andrew Boyd, Brisbane, Australia
>41. Belinda O'Rourke, Brisbane, Australia
>42. Cindy Scherf, Brisbane, Australia
>43. Merendi Leverett, Brisbane, Australia
>44. Tracey Nearmy, Adelaide, Australia
>45. Jacky Owens, Brisbane, Australia
>46. Des Crawley, University of Western Sydney
>47. Denis Whitfield, University of Western sydney
>48. NoŽl Boycott, Sydney, Australia
>49. Tom Boycott & Jessica Bokey, Sydney, Australia
>50, Maniu and Al Heman, Sydney, Australia
>51. Marika and Alex Biber, Sydney, Australia
>52. Matt Cowdery, Sydney, Australia
>53. Lina Yune, Wauconda, Illinois, USA

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