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[Powderworks] Chicago dates

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Mon, 17 Sep 2001 18:07:00 +0100 (BST)

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I'll be at the Chicago shows 10/20-21, and Milwaukee 10/23.  It took me abo=
ut 8 years (including a cancelled 1990 concert and several other missed opp=
ortunities) to see the Oils twice, now I'll more than double that in a few =
days!  I hope this makes up for my absence from the 1997 Mercury Lounge gig=

Anyway, I certainly hope 'Workers can get together in Chicago (and Milwauke=
e), so I look forward to seeing you there Stephen!  I'm flexible as far as =
when & where, but I also hope we can make an effort before or after to meet=
 the band as I've never had the privilege to do that yet.


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>From : Stephen Scott <stephenandeva@hotmail.com>
To : powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
Date : 16 September 2001 09:06:52
Subject : [Powderworks] Chicago dates
Hi all.
>Looking for some help from our Chicago friends. As the Oils are not coming=
>to the UK until next year, I will have to travel to the states to see them=
>I see they are playing 20/21 Oct in Chicago. Is anyone meeting up=20
>before/after either gig. I probably will only be able to make it for one=
>night, and it would be good to meet up with some other powderworkers. If=
>anyone is planning to meet up, and wouldn't mind a Northern Irish pleb=20
>tagging along, let me know.
>And before you ask, I am not rich. I wouldn't be able to afford flying to=
>Chicago from London for one night if I didn't work for American Airlines. =
>will have to fly standby, but the flights should be empty as no one seems =
>want to fly for some unknown reason.
>I knew Capt Ogonowski, the American Airlines pilot who was on the first=20
>aircraft to hit the WTC. He used to fly from Boston into London a few year=
>ago. It's amazing how many people, no matter how far, have been affected b=
>Just a word of warning for anyone planning to fly somewhere soon. DO NOT=
>have pen knives, scissors (no matter how small), even corkscrews (with the=
>little knives in them, to cut the seal), in your hand luggage. They will b=
>taken off you and destroyed, and in some cases you will be taken away by t=
>authorities and questioned at length. And also turn up for your flights as=
>early as you can, as security measures are, as you can expect, at their=20
>highest levels.
>Take care ya'll
>=93This is a mad house.....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday=93
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