Midnight Oil

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oilsboy1984 matt oilsboy1984@hotmail.com
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 18:35:49 +1000

G'day Everyone

I know your probably sick of getting these type of mails but i have get my 
feelings out
To tell the truth i'm shit scared
I just saw the news - George Bush announcing that America is goin to war.
That means all its allys too including Australia
the possiblitly of this has not sunken in with me until now.

Taiban and pakistan have said that they are goin to war with America AND 
As an almost 17 year old Australian i have never seen war. I never thought i 
would and suddenly now i know i am going too.

I've only ever heard stories about the horror of war. Even my Parents have 
no knowledge of war and probably many of u don't either.

I feel for the people that were in NY at the time of the incident. I sorry 
that have nothing better to say. the whole thing is still sinking in.
But at the moment after seeing the nations of the world promising war i'm 
shocked and scared almost to tears.
Maybe this is my was gettin out how i felt but i'm still shit scared.

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