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[Powderworks] BIG news

bjorn@blomquist.to bjorn@blomquist.to
14 Sep 2001 17:16:26 -0000

PLans for Europe:
>  Midnight Oil management will be consolidating the band's recording
>agreement with new companies in
> Europe. Sony Music in Europe are considered as part of this negotiation.
>Once this is completed the new
> Midnight Oil record will be available around March/April in Europe. It's
>the band's plan to spend the latter
>half of 2002 playing to it's fans in Europe.

Great to hear about a new album! Let's hope that the planned release dates are 
true this time (remember when RW was "coming out"?)... 
Pity that we have to wait longer for it in Europe, but if we don't have the 
patience there is always a way of getting it earlier. What about the release 
date in Australia, shouldn't that be the the earliest one, as usual?

What is even more uplifting is the news about a European TOUR next year! I 
didn't expect it to be one this year to be honest.

I'm not at all surprised if this year's American tour is now being cancelled  
and put to the future. When they cancel soccer games and other events here in 
*Europe* right now, what else is to expect from Midnight Oil and touring in the 


PS. "Capricornia", isn't that after a zodiac sign?

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