Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] tour and upcoming album

Kelly Morris kmorri99@stlawu.edu
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 12:42:55 -0700

Thrilled to hear that the new album will be released so quickly in the
US.  Waiting several months for Redneck Wonderland after it was released
in Australia was aggravating!
I expect I'll go to the Montreal show, since it is closest to me, at
school in upstate NY.  My roommate and another friend are coming too,
neither of them knowing anything at all about the Oils, so i'm hoping to
convert some more fans!

On a more serious note, many students at my college have reacted to the
terrorist attacks with a desire for peace and have started a letter
writing campaign to members of the US govt, such as senators, reps, the
president, cabinet, etc to express their feelings.  I wrote two letters,
one to each senator of PA, my homestate.  I encourage others to do the
same.  The last few days have stirred a lot of bad feelings and it's
hard, but I don't intend to let them get the better of me.
Take care everybody,