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Jeff & Louise jefflou@bigpond.com
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 23:15:27 +1000

If people have a look at the international dates page on the official oils
site you will see that the Oils new CD is named after the great book,
'Capricornia" which was written earlier this century about life in northern
Australia. It is a amazing insight into early Australian life, a favourite
book of Jim Moginie's.

First single being the Golden Age.

Can't wait for this CD!

Jeff (Melbourne)

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> I have to admit, I have indulged myself and read every single posting
> on the topic, including my own :)  As far away from NYC as I am here
> in Utah, I still can't get over the live image I saw on the news
> Tuesday morning of the second plane attack.
> On a MO-topic, does anyone have a vague idea as to when the new album
> will be coming out?
> Henry K.
>  }I whole heartedly agree! I haven't even bothered to read any of the
posts to
>  }this list on the topic because this isn't supposed to be forum for it. I
>  }have watched plenty of it on TV and have been as shocked and
disappointed by
>  }the act as anyone, and extend my deepest sympathies to anyone who has
>  }affected by it. But if you need to talk about it, please, do it in the
>  }appropriate place or in private. Not on a list dedicated to a rock band!
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