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[Powderworks] Re: Article to Share

Vincent VAGNER Vincent.Vagner@edf.fr
13 Sep 2001 10:42:00 +0200

While i may agree with your hope and doubt about the help from other countries, now that the US really need it, I can't let
such an article disguise the truth.

This Canadian article is way wrong about many historical events. And it's just an interpretation of things, viewed from the eye
of the good Holy American people.

True that the US came and liberated continental western Europe from the Axis in '45. But that was again revenge for Pearl Harbor
and whatever US ship sunk by U-boots. And two good years after the beginning of WW2 in Europe.

True they helped economically Europe to stand up from the debris of the war. But the American bombers, in their blind anger, bombed
Dresden to ashes (900 000 dead people including 99% civilians; more victims than in Hiroshima or Nagasaki ). And the price for the
freedom of France was partial destruction by US bombers of Brest, Rouen, etc... (by error ??) while escorted by astonished French
pilots flying British warplanes. Thanks to the Marshall plan. But wasn't it a way to keep the Western Europe out of Soviet hand, the
Evil of the time as viewed by the Holy of the time.

About Britain, thanks to Churchill. Thanks again to all the American warfighters who freed France. But Churchill's the man who
allowed France to have its own government at the end of the war. He fighted Eisenhower will to grab France into a US colony.
Same thing in 1956, but the french resisted.

And this piece of bad journalism wants to make us believe that everything good from the US. Sorry but we to Europeans build airplanes
and cars. And pretty good airplanes ! I won't even name this industry which is well known in Seattle offices.

I share the pain of the US people. I hope we will all find the true murderers. I'm sure US allies will help because the public opinion here in
Europe is fully supporting America. All in all, I hope the American people, blind in their justified pain and anger, won't mix everything
and see every other country as the enemy.
This article just shows us that they even begin to look back to history and disguise and interpret historical facts. Let not these horrible
attacks on NYC be an excuse for writing crap. No, the US weren't always right nor anyone was. They always acted in their self interest
and don't tell me they freed Kuwait just for the rights of these poor kuwaitis. Oil, money, power is the name of the game.
Everything else is bullshit.