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[Powderworks] nmoc - evil within ourselves

Jacques Cuneo jccuneo@bellsouth.net
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 23:30:04 -0400

We are not desperate for help.  If there ever was a time in world history
for  countries of the world, and particularly Europe, to *attempt*, to
*offer*, to do anything in return to the US for many past favors (i.e.
WWII).   There are very highly trained individuals that could certainly be
effective.  I know there are incredibly well trained individuals along with
dogs just as well trained for such rescues a short hop over the Atlantic.
These are the ones I speak of.  

The Russians lost all hands on their sub not too long ago because they
didn't want that specialty submersible to help until it was too late.  If
it means that 1 person is saved by bringing over foreign experts, then it
should be done.

>If Belgium wants to send us burn specialists, a
>boat will take quite a while to get here. Remember, no international flights.

More than likely a military flight.  


>What makes you think we are so desperate for help?  In NYC, the mayor said
>no more volunteers were needed.  We're a big country.  The United States can
>handle it's internal affairs without foreign intervention.