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R. Brian Norton rbnorton@home.com
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 17:27:56 -0700

Not a fucking chance.  We have been attacked, and like a cornered animal, we
will fight back with unprecedented ferocity until this threat is
erased--PERIOD.  What would you have us do with these fucking psychopaths?
Use harsh language?  Hold hands and sing them to death?  So next time they
can set off a U-haul full of C-4 during the World Series and kill another
50,000?  America, like any other country in her position, will protect
herself to any extent necessary to ensure her safety.  She will do it
swiftly and precisely, but most importantly, she will do it with the rest of
the world at her side.


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Biggest load of crap i have ever read.  Who says no one else cares?  Who are
you to mention all those countries and stereotype them as terrorist breeders
and harbourers?  As if America is squeaky clean?  Come on mate, surely you
are mature enough to realise that revenge here is only going to kill tens
maybe hundreds of thousands more people, or even worse, start a nuclear war?
Would you like to see that?  Would that put a smile on your face?  And I
thought the one common thing we all had on this list is the fact that we
love a band called Midnight Oil, and we associate with its values.  These
comments hardly seem in line with the Oils' values.  Stand proud America?
Absolutely!  But stand proud without your guns.