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[Powderworks] Re: (powd) Bin there, done that?

jccuneo@bellsouth.net jccuneo@bellsouth.net
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 09:20:22 -0500

Hey all,

It will soon be determined the general origin of the attackers.  The black 
box from the Pittsburgh plane will be found soon.  Whether the speakers 
speak english, spanish or arabic will be instantly obvious.

If Bin Laden is found to be the generator of this attack, I expect an 
ultimatum for his arrest shortly.  God help the countries that harbored him.


> >But weren't we quick to blame him [Bin Laden] for Oklahoma City as well? No
> >doubt the man has been behind, or at the very least has smugly taken credit
> >for people acting on his beliefs and on his behalf...
>The reason we were quick to assume that he was responsible in both cases 
>is that
>he's been saying he was going to strike a new, huge blow against the United
>States for some time.  And the fact that there's already a US$5 Million 
>price on
>his head (according to one news broadcast I saw lastnight) from things he's
>ALREADY claimed responsibility for.
>But we didn't go off half-cocked at the Oklahoma City incident, and we 
>won't do
>so now.  He's our primary suspect in this matter, but until investigators 
>enough evidence to suggest who IS responsible, be it him or somebody else
>entirely, or somebody publically claims credit, I don't expect us go go on 
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