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[Powderworks] RE: (powd) What Goes On (NMOC)

Barry Callahan Barry Callahan <barryc@rjlsystems.com>
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 09:14:07 -0400 (EDT)

>> The Government is shut down.       
>   I kept hearing this on the news.  I work at a gov't site in MD, just outside 
the DC beltway, and we certainly weren't shut down and told to go home.   What 
the news doesn't say is that "shut down" really means that we are on 'Liberal 
Leave', which means that we can leave early if we want, but we have to use our 
annual leave to do so... well I mean I can leave anytime I want to anyway, so 
there's no difference. 

The majority of the Federal Bureaucracy stopped what it was doing.  The news 
broadcast I was listening to at the time had announced that major Government 
buildings (inc the White House and Congress) had been evacuated.  When Congress 
resumes, many of the issues which were already under debate will /Probably/ be 
tabled in favour of discussion on what to do in direct response to the tragedy, 
and what policies can be put forth to try and prevent this from happening again.