Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] No European dates - ARGH

André Fromme afromme@gmx.de
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:57:08 +0200

Hi everybody.
OK, I just got a response from the Office.
It read like this:

I have forwarded your message to Gary Morris but in the meantime & realising
this is very disappointing news for you, I can confirm that Midnight Oil are
not playing in Europe this year.  The band's only concerts outside of
Australia will be in the USA commencing on the 8th October.  Gary will no
doubt advise what plans he has in place for Europe in the future in his
response to your email.

Best wishes

So there it is.
The great disappointment US fans felt when the Australian Bite thing was cancelled.

Then again - as long as there is no announcement saying "bring your tickets back, the gig's cancelled" there is still a tiny bit of hope (and no point in trying to get a refuind anyways).

In any case, I have also forwarded the above response to the venue and am eagerly awaiting their reaction (as obviously there's one side that isn't really up to date).

Sorry there's no better news.

Jurriaan - I have not bought the tickets yet.
If you do not want to give it a try, let me know and I'll send your money back.
Patrick - Keine Ahnung, hast ja noch kein Ticket, kannst es drauf ankommen lassen...
Jochen / Jens - Ich melde mich wenn die Tickets tatsächlich zurückgezogen werden.