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[Powderworks] Minneapolis report

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and still no-one asks about Youth!!

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> Hello all,
> Well, another fantastic gig last night in Minneapolis.  The Quest is a
> rather small venue, very narrow main floor area but a good amount of space
> upstairs, which actually kept distracting the band during the show
> (including when someone from above dropped a diamond watch that nearly hit
> Rob when he was up front, prompting Rob to encourage everyone in the front
> row to throw their jewelry up on stage, and he and Peter decided it looked
> valuable enough to keep). The set list was pretty consistent with earlier
> shows, the main highlight being they did play "Put Down That Weapon" and
> returned for a second encore of "Read About It" (first encore ended with
> "Hercules")...Tom Giffey managed to get a setlist so he can post the exact
> order.  A great crowd as well...seemed to attract people who drove long
> ways from rural parts of the country that the band isn't visiting, i met
> people from South Dakota, Iowa, and workers from rural Wisconsin.  Rants
> included topics such as ignoring the morons on your TV (specific mention
> of Geraldo), carrying on with life (bakers bake bread, musicians make
> music), and a well-received comment about removing the British emblem from
> the Australian flag (there were some Aussies in the crowd waving the
> flag).
> The whole band came out shortly after the show and mingled with anyone and
> everyone and signed autographs and posed for pictures and such.  Speaking
> with Jim, he says they've got a gig on WXRT (Chicago) on Monday...they
> also taped 3 songs for a Minneapolis station yesterday (i believe the
> station goes by the name "Cities").  I also asked him about what else they
> were planning on doing here since they've got a couple days to kill...he
> said he's got some friends in town and was also planning on doing some
> touristy stuff, specifically checking out the great Van Gogh/Gaugin
> exhibit at the Art Institue (which i would also recommend to any Workers
> coming to town for the shows - who knows, you may even run into them
> there.)
> There were also a lot of record company folks at the gig and the aftershow
> mingle...i spoke to the lady that seemed to be organizing the record
> company folk and she says she represents their new U.S. label, Liquid 8, a
> subsidiary of BMG.  You all remember that the Oils had recently signed
> with Pachyderm Records (i think that was the name) - the small outfit in
> Minnesota...well, Liquid 8 has apparently taken over for them and they too
> are based in Minneapolis.  The Oils are among their first signings (the
> other being, as she put it, "the artist formerly known as Vanilla Ice").
> She says "Capricornia" will be released in the U.S. on February 19th, and
> the "Golden Age" single will be out on January 15 or 22, still to be
> decided.  She and her cohort will be at the Chicago gigs as well (at least
> tonight) - if you see them, thank them for their role in bringing the band
> back to the states and really pushing the upcoming record, she seemed
> really appreciative of the feedback from the fans.
> Also great was meeting Tom and the other Workers at the show.  I seemed to
> have lucked out and caught 2 drumsticks (one with Rob up front and one at
> the end of "Read About It").  But the highlight of the night for me
> personally was finally getting to meet the infamous Oilman, some 6 years
> after first emailing him about a bootleg tape.
> Hope to see a lot of you tonight.  I'll be in a Powderworks shirt, tall
> and brown and goatee.
> reporting from Chicago,
> indi
> p.s. there are now 4 5-second mpegs on the oils web site - "scenes from
> the road", the first of which seems to be the band crossing the bay bridge
> leaving san francisco.
> p.p.s. and also a relatively length quicktime movie of jim playing piano
> for the new song "poets and slaves".
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