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[Powderworks] Next DVD

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly@deadheart.org.uk
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:58:28 +0100 (BST)

On Oct 19, Justin Heitman wrote:

> Workers of the World,
> Of all the existing live footage around, what would make the best DVD??

Souns like an interesting question. If this is a hypothetical, then it's a
good question. If this is for feedback to the band regarding a possible
future release, then thanks in advance to both you and the band for
allowing us to feedback.

The issue you raise begs an important question, namely are we talking
about a mix of songs from various gigs (a la the 20KWRSL live section) or
is this a case of taking one (or maybe two) gigs and putting them
onto DVD in their entirety.

What would I like to see...
o Well obviously the Capitol Theatre 82 gigs that were recorded. The footage
  on 20KWRSL was much appreciated! Obviously though, the Capitol gigs are
  very old and do not reflect the later career of the band enough.
o I don't know how possible it is, especially after the release of The Real
  Thing, but I think most people would like to have Unplugged on DVD.
o I think I would also speak for many when I say that it would be nice to
  get all of Black Rain Falls onto DVD.[1]
o As for later gigs, it would be nice to get something from the Redneck
  era - I can't remember if Channel V recorded anything from that period,
  but I have an inkling that they might have. Certainly some of the gigs
  from the Real Thing support tour may have been recorded too.

I really should go back through my video collection and see if there's
anything. My one final suggestion for "inclusion" on any future DVDs by
the band is that such discs be made Region 0, in the way RSL was. Fair
enough, North Americans had problems with the PAL encoding, but the region
0 encoding meant one less barrier to overseas fans, and was much welcomed.
Dunno if that was a band decision, or a smart move by Sony/Columbia.

[1] By the same token, it would be nice to get Blackfella, Whitefella on
DVD, although this is less along the lines of live gigs.

Sorry for rambling,

Cheers Justin!

Maurice R. Kelly