Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC- Seeking Arizona Workers.

jo daley joeydaley@hotmail.com
Wed, 26 Dec 2001 15:04:12 +1100

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<P>Hi Workers out there in Arizona,</P>
<P>Just hoping to get some advice.&nbsp;My best friend&nbsp;Allison is going for a job interview at Arizona State at the end of January and wondering if anyone has any local knowledge of the place or advice at all. It's a job in the Biol dept. Does anyone know anyone there at all? The good, the bad, the goss, you know... </P>
<P>We're here in Melbourne,Oz, so it's a bit limiting to find things out beforehand. Email me and I can give you her email address if you like.</P>
<P>Thanks very much in advance.&nbsp;BTW if anyone wants anything from Oz and it's easier to get it through a local, let me know.</P>
<P>Cheers, Jo Daley.</P>
<P>PS. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to a good New Years too. It's Boxing Day here and the sales are in full swing with the shops mobbed. Personally I've done enough shopping for a while. Cheers, Jo.</P>
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