Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] imagine my dismay!

Virgil Thomas Alexander Morant v-morant@onu.edu
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 04:59:17 -0500

So I sign up for this here list, and the first things I see are people
cussin' at each other about Afghanistan and the Fire Department of New York
City.  Shucks.

You know, when I found out that my favorite band had a mailing list, I hadda
sign up, but is it really necessary for us to be mean to each other?  Heck,
I've been hooked on Midnight Oil ever since they broke through with that
hot, sexy song of theirs _Beds are Burning_.  And, I mean, it's all about
peace and free love, so why don't we all just be polite?

Virgil T. Morant
Formerly of Hall & Oates & Morant