Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] song authorship, and playing boots on radio

j p niven poppycocteau@flashmail.com
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 20:56:54 -0800

Hi Workers, just a few queries!

first: are Birdman and Eye Contact the Oils' own compositions?

second: I am doing a Midnight Oil special (4 hours long) next week for our
university radio station. I will play some live tracks of course, mostly
from official releases but there are a few songs I'd like to play from
"unofficial" sources (particularly Know Your Product, Gunbarrel Highway,
Redneck Wonderland with a rant, alternate version of In The Valley, and

How do you feel about the prospect of my playing bootlegged material over
the radio? (I am talking about live recordings that are circulating for free
and made by fans for fans, I would never consider promoting a product that
was sold at profit with no return to the band.) Also, do you see a
difference between something an anudience member recorded themselves, and
something that has already been broadcast over radio or TV (copyright issues
with the latter?)

My view is that in the extended time I have for the show, I'd like to play
something different as well as the old standbys, to make it as interesting
as possible and maybe win more fans! And the live discs are meant to be
circulated anyway, what better way than radio? On the other hand, I would
hate to have the station get in trouble over breaking any laws, as I don't
*need* to play the extra songs. The station only has a developmental license
and broadcasts at five watts.

Ordinarily I would try not to use questionable material on air. However in
this case, the Oils don't seem to mind these recordings circulating, and
playing them would benefit the band by promoting interest. I would like to
gather your opinions first, as this list is where I obtained these
recordings in the first place.

Thanks for your time!
Julie Niven