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[Powderworks] Finally!

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Randy and all,

     Excellent to see the lamp being passed on to the next generation....

here's another story to be filed under the "I don't mean to brag, but...." department.

     My oldest girl and I played at a coffee house last w/e; it was a Bob Dylan/folkie night, and along with a bunch of Dylan standards, we threw in a folky duo version of "Time To Heal." (What a beautiful tune)It was our first real 'gig' outside of church stuff, and the first time I've done an Oils tune when playing out. Large fun on both counts.



ps. Randy, I'd be curious to know how your daughter's teacher responds to that assignment.  :)

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>From : Randy Van Vliet <bigdaddyrv@yahoo.com>
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Date : 11 December 2001 18:14:06
Subject : [Powderworks] Finally!
My (almost) 14 year old daughter, who has so far been
>fairly resistant to the Oils but tolerates my
>obsession, had to pick a polular music song that she
>feels has a message and write about the message of the
>song and why she felt the songwriter wrote the song. 
>She chose Midnight Oil (Forgotten Years).  I'm so
>proud.  It won't be long until my little baby (ok,
>she's almost as big as me at 14) is a true
>Powderworker.  Gotta go listen to BSM.
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