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[Powderworks] NMOC: Africa in Australia

Jeff Emidy balki@webgather.com
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 23:00:35 -0500


   Regarding this NMOC topic, I have a few comments for anyone willing 
to listen.

   Are you kidding me??! I can't drive from NSW to Vic with an apple, 
but now they're considering letting African animals roam free?!

   What, do y'all not have enough deadly critters down there as it is?
   Oh yeah, no threat of poaching. That works.  Who are they trying to 
kid?? Humans will kill anything for money. For the love of Pete, we kill 
each other for it.
   Okay, it will revive the slumping tourism industry. Yeah. As if I'm 
going all the way down there to see animals I can see in a zoo here, or, 
god forbid, in Africa. Umm, I went to Australia to see Australian stuff, 
like Australian animals, monsterous rocks, lots of flat land with skinny 
highways, the big Ned Kelly, the giant lobster, the big prawn, the giant 
Merino (gone), the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple, the fake Uluru, 
Australian beer, a gigantic reef, architecture, culture, and Coober 
Pedy, etc.
   Just what you folks need, more idiots from the cities wandering 
around out in the bush looking for stuff. Hello??
   I had enough trouble spotting indigenous wildlife (fortunately, in 
some cases) while I was down there, maybe the thought is that more 
animals will help??
   Two words: rabbits. Remember??
   Another: camels.
   Ask Disney how their wild animal kingdom park is going. I've been. 
Didn't see much of anything. It sucks, and that's relatively contained. 
Never going back there.


    Space Ranger First Class