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[Powderworks] NMOC: Africa in Australia?

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly@deadheart.org.uk
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 14:24:33 +0000 (GMT)


Since it's been a bit quiet in the last few days, I thought I'd throw
this into the mix...


It seems like a good idea at a macroscopic level, but when I think about
it a bit more, it seems like the idea of bringing "alien" animals into
Australia has generally done more harm than good.

I haven't studied this subject, but a couple of books I've read in the
last year have tended to point out that many extinctions in Australian
wildlife were related to the introduction of foreign species which
unbalanced the natural habitat.

Isn't the idea of an African reserve in Australia a very similar mistake
in the making?

And on a completely Hollywood level, isn't it all a bit Jurassic Park

Anyhow, something to think about...

Maurice R. Kelly