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[Powderworks] The Real Thing Video Setlist

btpmsi btpmsi@yahoo.com
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 22:05:36 -0800


This is a video collage from the Newtown Theater gig. All songs are
complete.  The first couple of songs are with Rob up front at the small kit,
and the balance are with him at the back. Does anyone remember the date?  It
seems to me that this was the Radio Station 2JJ Birthday celebration show???
Yes? Can someone please set me straight here? I have the master copies back
and am in the process of watching each one for my QC check before shipping
them out to the "Branches" for further distribution.  Just exactly who the
branches are will then be decided and off they will go. These people have
graciously invited you all to email them and produce a copy for you, all for
the cost of the tape itself, the box to mail it in, and the postage. So be
nice to them! Some of them will enjoy being offered trades for this high
quality video. It is one of the perks of the "job", so if you have something
they want feel free to wheel and deal to your hearts content. I would even
go so far as to say this kind of exchange would be preferable, but don't
make the mistake of thinking that you can't get one of these just because
you have nothing to barter with.  The Branches and I will agree on a price
that is just sufficient to reimburse them for the aforementioned shipping
costs. Again, I reiterate: This is in no way a commercial venture!

I don't mean to leave our overseas friends out of this, by any means! Please
if there is someone out there who wants to be a branch of this tree and has
the capability of converting NTSC tapes to PAL or Secam or whatever, and the
time and temerity to tackle making copies for your fellow workers, then
please email me directly, and I'll do what I can to get you set up.

I am assuming that you OZ based folks are in good shape with regards to
access to this tape.  If I am making a bad assumption, again set me

I do not have a way to make copies directly for you, you will order you copy
from the Branch nearest you.  I hope to have that Info. out to you soon.

Thanks to Chris Hurd for his steadfast Determination for seeing this
through! He has added some "Special effects" at the beginning, which I think
you'll enjoy, and also the OZ version of the Oils Olympics Closing Ceremony
performance. (the one without the incredibly annoying Bob Costas talking all
over it)

Oh yeah,  here's the list:

Spirit of the Age
Blue Sky Mine
The Dead Heart
Tell Me The Truth
Short Memory
U.S. Forces
Say Your Prayers
The Real Thing
The Power and the Passion
Redneck Wonderland

Beds R Burning

It's awesome.......

Stay Tuned, I will be busy for the next week or so, but should be able to
put the final polish on this when I surface again next weekend!



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