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Fw: [Powderworks] NMOC George Harrison (actually LMOC)

Jeff and Jane Scott jscott@iinet.net.au
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 19:51:29 +0800

At 3/12/01 09:56  +1030, Anna Offler wrote:
>  A sad day indeed, a lovely man. I can remember lining up with my older 
> sister and her friends, who had made a 90 foot long banner ,  to wave to 
> them on their
>way in from the airport. Back when they played in Adelaide in 64. Yeah I'm 
>showing my age. My sister was lucky to have a ticket to see them, and did 
>she have a crush on George. And Pete Best was the replacement drummer when 
>Ringo was sick, for trivia fans

actually, that was Jimmy Nicholl.  Pete Best was the drummer replaced by 
Ringo on the eve of their first recording sessions in 1962.

and an Oily connection - I have an interview somewhere with Rob where he 
says that Ringo was his first inspiration to play drums.

as for George, if i'd ever had a Beatle living next door to me, George was 
the one i'd want it to be.