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[Powderworks] NYC Rant, etc...

bruce@oils-forever.com bruce@oils-forever.com
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:23:56 +0000 (GMT)

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Yo woikahs, eh!

     AS a 'canuck' who loves NY I feel compelled to respond to the latest fracus ~ gawd, we do love these little family spats~ by quoting Lou Reed, as we all love to do in times of duress - 

>tell me whether I am or am not upset about terrorist attacks on my city, you canuck.  Some of us aren't wed to brainlessness.

"Vicious - you hit me with a flower.....
You want me to hit you with a stick?
But all I've got's a guitar pick..
Baby you're so vicious.."

>  And that would be by calling us a bunch of dumb gits, by telling me
>(basically) to kill myself, 

Gits! cute word. Kill myself by driving my SUV off a bridge? If I could afford an SUV, I'd find a more creative way to flee the creeping meatball than by driving it off a bridge...
     Speaking of Lou Reed, that consummate NYC rocker, a couple  more quotes seem in order:

"I'm waiting for the man from Afghanistan to come"
(Now that's a horse of a different color.)

"Hey, Gabe, take a walk on the mild side."

cheers, eh


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