Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] National Portrait Gallery Exhibit with Midnight Oil

Rowena Walker rowena_w@pacbell.net
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 20:29:54 -0800

If any Australian powderworker goes to see this new exhibit, could you
let the rest of us know how it was?  Thanks in advance!

So you wanna be a rock star? Portraits and rock music in Australia
National Portrait Gallery (in Canberra's Old Parliament House,
14 December 2001  17 February 2002

In December 2001 the National Portrait Gallery will mount an exhibition
which will examine the engagement and results of Australian artists
producing portraits related to rock music.

The show is not a history of Australian rock music. Instead it is drawn
from the perspective of a range of Australian artists who at different
times and for different reasons have made portraits to document,
incorporate or explore rock music. This reveals far more than the desire
to make a portrait for the sake of likeness alone. The portraits in the
exhibition stem from lives tangled in rock, artists who listen to and
love rock music, who are fans, who go see bands, who hang out with
bands, who have integrated part of these experiences in their work.

The exhibition will also include a major new commission of Midnight Oil
by artist and tattooist eX de Medici.

The launch of the latest portrait commission will be held on Friday 14th
December. Places limited, tickets $15 & $20. Email

Rowena Walker