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[Powderworks] hear hear! - boston show

nina ninajill73@hotmail.com
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 14:56:58 -0500

jess and all -

i was got in touch with the guy whose brother taped the show (i don't think
either of them are p'workers).  2 weeks ago, he sent me a copy. it sounds
incredible!! -  but it ends at Hercules - the guy's batteries died soon
after that song. i haven't shared this info with the list because to be
honest with you all, i don't have the capabilities to make copies. it was
sent to me on a cassette and i'd like to convert it to cd, but i don't know
how to (not too technologically adept). once i have a cd, it would be easy
to burn copies (if i had a cd burner). i could make cassette copies, but i
don't have a working cassette dubber anymore. so.....

if anyone out here is willing find a way to get copies of this tape, i would
love to start a tree to make this available to the masses.

there was someone who was going to help me out (brandon was it?), but that
person never got back to me after i notified him that i had the tape, so if
you're still out there, let me know.


on 12/1/01 8:33 PM, Jess at chosarou@yahoo.com wrote:

> Ok, change of subject-
> Who was taping the concert in Boston?
> As I'm (I think) the first person to bring this up, I
> think you owe me a copy whenever you get them made...
> Granted this request will generate a storm of "me
> toos"...  And its entirely possible that wasn't a
> powderworker I talked to.  If not, any of you in the
> Boston area might want to keep an eye out in the
> underground music stores.
> And did any other shows get taped?
> Bring on the trees,
> Jess
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