Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] the Ever Elusive Martin

Jeff McLean jeffmof@replicant.apana.org.au
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 17:45:04 +1100

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i'll ditto that - he's always been very nice to me, articulate, intelligent
&amp;c, and he's even sat in my trike (see the bonescam pix from last year!!)
<p>andrew pye wrote:
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>After reading all these reports,
(And making me sick in the
<br>>process) I've noticed that no one ever seems to talk to Martin.
<br>>He always manages to slip away. Has anyone every spoken to
<br>>him....... What about some info on him?
<p>Well, it seems I am one of the few lucky ones who has spoken to the
<br>Mr Rotsey! I'm quiet surprised to hear it actually!
<p>I have spoken to him about 3 times after shows and have always found
him to
<br>be an exceptionally nice guy. After some shows on the Gold Coast, he
<br>pretty much the first guy out into the "meet and greet" area and had
<br>hesitation in walking up to a group of us and saying g'day. And if
my memory
<br>serves me correctly (which it may very well not!!!) he has been the
last to
<br>leave the after show get togethers.&nbsp;He is a Foo Fighters fan as
he was saying that he ventured down to the front row at the Big Day Out
to see them (and didn't like being down there!!).
<p>He is very quietly spoken, but at the same time, very articulate and
<br>intelligent and even though I don't assume to speak for him, I'm sure
<br>wouldn't mind us talking about him! Sure he is a humble guy, but hey,
<br>does play in Midnight Oil and has been on stage in front of some pretty
<br>crowds over the years! Not the thing to do for a complete shrinking
<br>But from my experience with speaking to him, I couldn't say a bad word
<br>him! Came across as just a genuinely nice guy!
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