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[Powderworks] FW: Wear What The Heroes Wear!

James Warren jimcwarren@earthlink.net
Sat, 01 Dec 2001 00:17:59 -0800

I agree with your argument for skepticism.
Unfortunately, you made your argument to include
the statement, "you are all dumb gits."  I received
this message along with every other member of the list
whom you unintentionally called a dumb git.

And you other guys who are calling people "asshole"
and "dickhead", could you please stop?

If you're gonna call people "asshole", "dickhead",
"dumb", etc., please do it in private and spare
the list the ugliness.  I really hate coming home
from work and seeing it.


Gabe Luci wrote:
> And you keep buying what they're selling.  Do something meaningful -
> drive your SUV off a bridge.
> I don't know if the band would agree with me or not, and I don't
> care.  But the way I interpret their music tells me to question
> methods, motives, and actions.  Don't accept things at face value. 
> Rebel against brutishness, stupidity, and manipulation.
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>           Was I right or was I right?  You are all dumb
>           gits.
>           --gabe
>      Go back to Afghanistan, asshole.