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Date: 26/09/2019, 8:20 pm
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Hi Stuart,


To the best of my knowledge neither of the 2 shows you mention have a bootleg recording available.


There is also none from the Big Pineapple so if you have access to a dodgy recording that would be better than nothing.


Considering how it pissed down rain that night any recording which was captured is not only a credit to the taper but a bonus for people to perhaps listen to.






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Top of the evening, everyone.


In an e-mail collection reflective of the imminent encroachment of middle age, it is refreshing that one can count on Midnight Oil fandom to spark memories of the passionate yet perhaps misdirected passion of youth. Perhaps Midnight Oil Facebook is a microcosm for analysis of the failure of general democracy, given the state of the environment.


Alas. Thanks for the flac boot links; always great! I'm pretty impressed with how serious some of you are with your collecting in this area. I think that BRB set list is pretty hard to beat, though. Pity we can't get a soundboard!


One for the more detailed among you.... did anyone boot 12 Oct 2017, Great Western Hotel, Rockhampton? I wish I had; it was so much better than I had imagined. Also, 15 April 2001 in Beenleigh, I was at it an era ago, anyone ever got hold of it? Now, I might have access to a dodgy Pineapple Fields recording from 2017...


So many familiar names on the list here in the e-mails. Love you's all. And see you at the H&C tour next year.









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Here’s the Canberra show - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z32wkhtllbng02j/AABdQAMXT9wzsMCLCoW1x4zha?dl=0


And I can’t remember if I posted it here or not already, here’s the Big Red Bash - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lycu1bbh33eb7ku/AAC-9iXjAKNZ7n8ARnDO0oNaa?dl=0


There’s quite a few in between as well, just sing out if you want them.





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While we’re here… 

Has anyone heard any more concrete plans for Oils new music or gigs 2020?

AND I probably skipped over it but does anyone have an audio of the Oils in Canberra from May (what a night) that we/I can download from somewhere?


PS facebook is built for inane banter and time wasting, especially since the ‘yoof' deserted it in droves as their parents joined in…





Rob Hanks




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