Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] Re: Fuck this shit
From: Bj Nash
Date: 26/09/2019, 6:40 am
To: "Barry Ryder bazzaa@gmail.com [powderworks]" <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>

I try to stay away from the negativity on FB, it can be hard at times, there are a few gems at times.
Thanks for putting up the two gigs for download, BRB first track seems corrupt, it appears to have additional lettering after .flac that may be the cause, does anyone have a fix or uncorrupt file, please?


On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 3:08 AM Barry Ryder bazzaa@gmail.com [powderworks] <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au> wrote:

Link is 404.

What did I miss? 
I unfollowed the FB group ages back. It's deteriorated into being a self appreciation page for a handful of people.