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Yep, maybe?
You never know!
Did they record it?


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Thanks for the info,


Maybe next year they will release,


Capricornia 2002 Byron Bay Triple Treat in a 6 LP set……






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Hate to tell you....


it's probably a fruitleg (ie - one of the dodgy RSD 'official' releases that really isn't an 'official' release - DEVO, Dead Kennedys, Clash, B-52's, Chelsea, Iggy & the Stooges have had a lot of these put out as 'RSD releases'... with no involvement / input / agreement from the artists). I'm not saying that this is the GOSPEL way to tell but, the dodgy releases usually have a white sticker stock saying it's a RSD release & the Official releases are black print on silver foil stock. I'm sure there's exceptions but, from what I've noticed, that seems to be the most common pattern.

They are usually sourced from radio broadcasts that have been around the bootleg LP/CD circuit for years. The packaging is marginally better than usual but they sound about the same as the usual bootlegs.


So... on the plus side, it's supposed to be from the gig that almost broke the band up (I think Garry Morris was up to his neck, in it, for agreeing to this gig) that's not been obvious on the trading circles before - even though it was a radio broadcast.

Looks like there wasn't many fan-tapers in Florida at the time.

This gig probably summarised the tour, perfectly. Not sure the band would be real happy about this one getting out.

It will be interesting to hear what was played... and how the performance was... and how they went down at disneyland...

2 Lps -that's got to be around 60 - 90 mins, too, which is a plus.



It will also be SUPER-interesting to see how their new management deals with this....  LOL





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Fri Mar 1, 2019 9:43 am (EST) . Posted by:

"The Oilman" redneckwonderland

When the OILS pissed off Sony and booked their "US Tour" in 1997, they did the 3 shows at Mercury Lounge and they had an Orlando radio show, I think we are finally going to get to hear that unknown show that had never surfaced!


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Pleasure Island is in Disneyworld. The Oils played there December 10, 1997.. From what I've read on the Culture Factory

website, there was a series of shows played there which were broadcast called the "Big Bang Concerts." The site says
this is part of that series.

Mike B.

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Thanks Yasmin!

MO are on the confirmed list - on the speculative list, it was the Breathe tour 1997, on the confirmed it's called Pleasure Island live. Does anyone know what the title is referring to? Is it a venue? An actual island? Something Pete said on stage? Or (and here I'm wildly speculating) they are messing with our heads and releasing some new stuff under the guise of a live album?



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An Oils release for RSD 2019?