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I should also mention that there is a 2LP Midnight Oil release called Breathe Tour '97 listed on the
French Record Day list:  https://www.disquaireday.fr/produit/midnight-oil-breathe-tour-97/?fbclid=IwAR30sUUy5NQIq7Zp75rzaA3-cHqEtCseEc2q18bD6lnr378H5eV9Y1Fzaqc

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I'm sorry Michael I should have been more clear.  It isn't mentioned on the Culture Factory site yet, but there is a Marshall Tucker
Band CD called Live At Pleasure Island '97 which I found while looking for the Oils Pleasure Island disc.  At the bottom it states that
the Marshall Tucker CD is "part of the Big Bang Concert Series live from Pleasure Island, Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida." 
I just put that together with the fact that the Oils played one of those shows and figured that's what this is.  There is a tab on the
Culture Factory site for RSD releases, but as of now only lists previous years.  

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Does anyone know if the Record Store Day release will be available in Canada?  Also, when I searched for Midnight Oil on the Culture Factory website, all I got was rereleases of DaD and BSM.  Where can I find info on the RSD release?

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When the OILS pissed off Sony and booked their "US Tour" in 1997, they did the 3 shows at Mercury Lounge and they had an Orlando radio show, I think we are finally going to get to hear that unknown show that had never surfaced!
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Pleasure Island is in Disneyworld.  The Oils played there December 10, 1997.  From what I've read on the Culture Factory
website, there was a series of shows played there which were broadcast called the "Big Bang Concerts."  The site says
this is part of that series. 

Mike B.

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Thanks Yasmin!

MO are on the confirmed list - on the speculative list, it was the Breathe tour 1997, on the confirmed it's called Pleasure Island live. Does anyone know what the title is referring to? Is it a venue? An actual island? Something Pete said on stage? Or (and here I'm wildly speculating) they are messing with our heads and releasing some new stuff under the guise of a live album?


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