Midnight Oil

Subject: Tribute to Gord Downie (for fans of the Hip) - PG briefly features
From: david earle
Date: 15/08/2018, 8:55 pm
To: Yahoo! Australia

Midnight Oil

G'day 'workers,

I know there's a few Tragically Hip fans out there on the list, so this one's for you.


For the uninitiated, The Hip were to Canada sorta kinda Cold Chisel and MO combined. The latter toured in a music festival the Hip curated and performed in in 94 (I think), which I suppose is where they bonded. A single "Land" was co-written and performed by them (along with Hothouse flowers and others) to protest logging in British Columbia. Gord was heavily involved in campaigning for the recognition of Indigenous Canadians toward the end  of his life.

Anyway, the tribute at the beginning features a variety of people (Canadians mostly - I don't recognise most of them apart from Buffy St Marie and the lead singers of the excellent July Talk. Oh, and some bloke called  Justin) with mostly one-word tributes, including from Pete. The subsequent covers of Gord's songs are okay, but not really a patch on the originals.