Midnight Oil

Subject: Possible meetup in Chicago?
From: Pew117
Date: 19/07/2018, 1:51 pm
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

Midnight Oil

Hi all, I posted something in the FB group awhile back about interest in a PW meetup in Chicago this summer. I meant to post here too but got crazy busy at work and in life too! 

So, just asking if anyone had interest, and I also see that one of the theaters in Chicago is showing the 1984 documentary on August 29 (and of course in other cities too). Here is the link:


Sounds like a good excuse for a short vacation and a meetup, and that day is the 1 year anniversary of the Minneapolis show too! I'll post on the FB group too in the next day or so.

Let me know if there is interest and I am happy to help put something together as far as a meetup is concerned. If weekends work better, that could work too depending on timing. 

Guess I just miss all my Oils pals. I have been on the list since the late 90's and still love the discussions! 

Jennifer Gallas 
Peoria, IL 

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