Midnight Oil

Subject: Re: [powderworks] A bit of news from the Office
From: Stephan J�nsch
Date: 6/07/2018, 5:29 pm
To: Powderworks

Hi Jim, I wouldn't expect any issues with the digital download. Cheers, Stephan

Am 06.07.2018 um 08:59 schrieb James Warren:

Thank you Stephan,

Do you know if the PAL-only status means that if I downloaded it from iTunes then I would not be able to play that on my Apple laptop in the USA?
Does the PAL vs. NTSC formatting issue apply to digital downloads as well we DVDs?


On Jul 5, 2018, at 11:36 PM, Stephan Jänsch stephan.jaensch@gmail.com [powderworks] <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au> wrote:

Hey everyone,

here's a short bit of news from the Office: The DVD release for the Domain shows has been put back to early November. Also, the DVD of the Ray Argall film 1984 is PAL only. It is an ABC release, not an official band release, so they don’t control the format. As you might know from FB, Ray is looking at cinema-on-demand options for the US.