Midnight Oil

Subject: Midnight Oil 1984
From: Rob Hanks
Date: 1/07/2018, 3:59 pm
To: powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au

This documentary film is a must, especially for any other over 50s out there because it’ll be fairly and squarely describing jjst when you first loved this band!! Might try my third viewing this afternoon with the warmers on... it's as good as at the cinema, just a stunning doco of exactly the era I was introduced to the Oils and first became obsessed with their sound, topics, energy and the rest!!! 

Bonus walk through MOMO was good too... Great footage Ray Argall, what a record of those days… 

However you can get hold of it, do!! Madman distributors, JB, iTunes (at least here in Oz)!! I love the way it ends where the world is just about to hear the irresistible sound/talent and message of our national treasure, Midnight Oil!!!



Even iTunes


Rob Hanks
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