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Date: 23/05/2018, 7:14 pm
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I have loved the Oils my entire life (since the dawn of the Oil) I’m grateful for the list and Facebook page. I have made and rekindled some amazing friendships. For that I am grateful. I live and love for their music, lyrics, sound, band, causes as well as Rob’s biceps.   
I don’t condone or appreciate bootlegs, the band has worked too hard for arseholes to make money off them without getting their fair share. As for the bananas........well I could do without those also.

Long live the Oils and those biceps. 

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Artists in general have evolved on their thoughts on boots over the last 20 years. 

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A lot of shows from the Great Circle were made available on the Facebook page for anyone who wanted them.  I was under the impression that the Oils didn't mind about 

those because there is some interaction between the group and "the office" and in this case I'm pretty sure those could have been stopped with one request.  


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I think Cheryl's comment on this is spot on. The office used to interact with the list a bit and made it clear they didn't want bootlegs discussed, and that came from the band. Facebook, they just cannot keep up with the video posts, the live show posts etc. That's a pretty general breakdown, but we were given direct input from "The Office" that shows were not to be openly traded. As Facebook has taken off, the office and whatever part time that someone works there or not, are not gonna be able to keep up with posts, the massive amounts of live concert video clips on YouTube etc, it's just a massively different environment now compared to back when this was the only active place for the biggest Oils fans to congregate.
I know I didn't actively post about trading here as that was the stated desire of The Office, but I traded heavily for 10-12 years when I was very active, but only through direct messaging folks from the list. Man, so much postage spent in those days sending cassettes and CDs via the post office, yikes!!
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I find that an interesting comment, given that most of it in both places is done by the same few people…
Anyway, anything you’re chasing, drop me a line. In these days of cloud storage it’s easier than ever to spread the good oil around.
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My experience of trying to swap bootlegs through this list has been...  very negative.
On the other hand, swapping through the facebook group has been pretty awesome.
On Monday, May 21, 2018, 9:42:00 AM EDT, Cheryl H ooiiilllss@yahoo.com [powderworks] <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au> wrote:
I had the pleasure of running this site for a few years, starting before Wave Aid.  Sign-up was required to weed out any spam, as well as to give newbies a place to get acquainted, but in the spirit of the Oils way of doing things - all were welcome.
The thing that bothered me was how some shows we're considered "elite", therefore being almost impossible to get by most.  Bootlegs are bootlegs - I know directly from the band that they weren't thrilled about the trading of ANY of them.  The direction I got was that under no circumstances would trading of demos or cash for shows be tolerated.  I did everything to enforce these wishes, and I never got pushback from anyone about it.
I went to a few shows in the Northeast US last year and caught up with some long, lost friends and met some of you that I got to know on this list.  The experience of spending the afternoons with everyone and enjoying the shows together will last a lifetime.
FB PW is a bit too loud for me, and has the tendency to be about one or two enthusiastic fans, instead of our beloved Oils, but we still have this little haven, thanks to those who keep it alive.  I like to think if it as the adults' table - we're a bit older, a bit wiser, maybe a bit more tired, but it sure feels good to sit here with the family I've been with for so many years and share stories about the best band on the planet 😊