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Hi Mike,


I agree an audio release may well be on the cards as well.  What makes me think this?


Well most who have collected Bootlegs know about the tracking site Dimeadozen.  On  this site if any band want’s their recordings banned then all they have to do is say so.  The Oils have never done this and Oils boots have traded on this site for years.  The only time a file gets banned is if someone not in the know posts something official.


Well there was a boot of the 11.11 Armistice Day gig on there for a fair few months.  I was actually still seeding it but it went RED in my bit torrent client about 2 weeks ago.  I had a peek and the description read “torrent banned from tracker…”


Never seen that before.  Maybe a hint that it will be released officially.


They are in the same stage clothes for both gigs which is a good pointer towards a DVD as well.






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I haven't seen it as I'm in the US, but I'm seeing a lot of rave reviews of it from Facebook Powderworkers

(of course they aren't the most objective group when it comes to the Oils but I'm sure it's excellent).  


Looking forward to both this and another Oils DVD which is supposed to be released this summer called

"Armistice Day."  It is a concert DVD from a show or shows from the Great Circle Tour.  There may also 

be an audio release.  


As for the DVD of 1984 I noticed this on the two sites listing it:  JB Hi Fi says it is region 4 but Madman says it's all region:


Release Date:04/07/2018


Runtime:89.0 mins

Format:DVD, All Regions PAL

Aspect Ratio:16:9 Widescreen Full Height Anamorphic

Catalogue Number:MMA9272



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Dear Powderworks friends!!!


How many have seen 1984 in the limited cinema release???

Check the pre-order on Madman site and at JB Hi Fi for aussie or region 4 DVDers… no doubt to be expanded elsewhere by one means or another…


I knew it would be inspiring and a great glimpse of the 1980s but wasn’t ready for Michael Lippold to ‘steal the show’ and to be so closely reminded this was exactly when I was first forced to listen to the Oils and ‘got hooked’…


This egroup has always held legend status for me even before I found my way here…


I’d like to think 1984 is a celebration of long haul passionate Oils fans who knew what it was about before the world discovered this part of our heart and soul as Aussies!!! ‘The Great Circle’ was a brilliant reminder of the guitar brilliance lurking in the band…


I wonder what rumour and fact exists re recordings of new Oils material… they must, last year was too good to be nostalgia!!!





Rob Hanks




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