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Date: 20/05/2018, 1:28 am
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So you weren't a fan of the recent post to write the title of an Oils song using only emojis? Stuck out tongue winking eye


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I’ve been here since April 2001 which coincides with the date I got my first management job which was when I first got internet access. My eBay and Amazon accounts are from the same week. 
The Facebook site is becoming a bit of a monster now. There’s still lots of great things on there but as I’m scared I’ll miss something amazing like an offer of tickets to an Oils gig in Rob’s living room I tend to sift through nearly everything. If I see another poll for which band member has the nicest eyes or when someone mentions every time they hear Beds on the radio, I’ll boke (puke, barf, etc) 😄


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keep up the good work... long live the Oils!

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G'day all fellow non-FB dinosaurs,

The first you're probably all aware of, but I only just came across it- Rob's EP Powerful owls, with Lez Karski (producer of HI and BN) and guitarist/singer with Bondi cigars among others, and Jack Howard on brass. Giving it a first listen as I type this - sounds like a ripper. You too can listen to it in full on Rob's website:

The next is an interview with the director of MO 1984 Ray Argall on ABC RN's screen show. I thought it was noteworthy that the interviewer went into the film not a MO fan, but was by the end of it. Scroll down to the May 3 show. It's the first interview, but if you're into film etc, the rest is worth a listen too.