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Subject: Re: [powderworks] A couple of ICYMIs
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Date: 19/05/2018, 1:39 am
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Still aboard here -- many thanks for the links!

Chris in CenTex

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Thanks for sharing David...there are a couple of us left here unfortunately

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Subject: [powderworks] A couple of ICYMIs


G'day all fellow non-FB dinosaurs,

The first you're probably all aware of, but I only just came across it- Rob's EP Powerful owls, with Lez Karski (producer of HI and BN) and guitarist/singer with Bondi cigars among others, and Jack Howard on brass. Giving it a first listen as I type this - sounds like a ripper. You too can listen to it in full on Rob's website:

The next is an interview with the director of MO 1984 Ray Argall on ABC RN's screen show. I thought it was noteworthy that the interviewer went into the film not a MO fan, but was by the end of it. Scroll down to the May 3 show. It's the first interview, but if you're into film etc, the rest is worth a listen too.