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Subject: Re: [powderworks] New Powderworkers tribute album
From: "The Oilman" <TheOilman@new.rr.com>
Date: 3/03/2018, 3:17 am
To: <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>, "Joakim Lindblad" <joakim.lindblad@gmail.com>

Ha!! Nice Joakim, glad to hear you're still playing some Oils covers!! Can't wait to give yours a listen.
Todd  (Oilman)
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Subject: [powderworks] New Powderworkers tribute album


Hi all,

It’s been 18 years since the trilogy of tribute albums from Oilman Records, but now there is a new 10 song collection of powderworkers tribute songs.

Mine is a cover of Return To Sender, and partly I See You (intro and drumbeat), Frontier…what Frontier? (guitar break) and Naked Flame (outro). My friend Karin Svalfors and my wife Eleonor is also singing on the track. You can listen to all the songs by clicking the link below. Hope you will enjoy listening to these as much as I presume everyone of us enjoyed recording them.