Midnight Oil

Subject: Commemorative Calendar up for grabs
From: ak_lewis@juno.com
Date: 17/12/2017, 10:31 pm

Hi all - 

Not too sure how much crossover there is between the list and Facebook but I figured I'd put this out there for folks who aren't a part of the Facebook group.

In a nutshell, a really awesome individual (thank you Sena) organised a calendar consisting of some great photos taken from various shows this year along with show dates and a bit of Oil's trivia. I accidentally ordered an extra and figured I'd share it with someone here who didn't get the opportunity to order one.

The first person IN AUSTRALIA who contacts me I'll send it to for free. I'll pop it in the mail this week and depending upon how quick AusPost is, you should have it by New Year's. :-)