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Date: 22/11/2017, 6:55 pm
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Yes pl they did release an official T shirt and I think posters were on sale at that gig only.


Yes the stuff on eBay is boot leg rubbish I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy.






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Did they actually release a poster & shirt for the 'One For The Oceans' gig (does anyone actually have either??)?


The ones that have been for sale on ebay are Chinese 'pirate' or 'entrepreneurial'  ones that are being knocked off by the "Print On Demand Company", Fujian, China.

And they're about as real as the Tour dated shirts coming out of indonesia (also flooding ebay).

They just pinch the images from the web & inkjet up their own tour merch.





Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:52 am (EST) . Posted by:

"Chris Nelson" sporto219

Long shot request I know, but by any chance did anyone of the list end up with an extra "One For The Oceans" t-shirt (XXL) or poster that they'd be willing to sell?

If so, please keep me in mind!