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Date: 4/06/2017, 7:10 pm
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Berlin, Hammersmith & Paris.... though I'm getting a bit stressed about the Paris tix (still no show / no 24hundred contact...).

Berlin - no idea.

Hammersmith - there's a TINY (crappy) pub around the corner, attached to the venue, that's probably the most likely place to have a beer (as small & packed as it is, the service is still faster than at the eventim).

Paris (if we get a guernsey) - the french REALLY know how to do bars... so I'm figuring this is going to be no problem... just a matter of choosing...

Sun Jun 4, 2017 8:26 am (EST) . Posted by:

"Yasmin Dalati" YasminDalati

Thanks for the heads up, Stephan! See you there. I would have missed
it otherwise. Let's arrange something for Berlin and Frankfurt as
well! Any other workers coming to the Berlin show?