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Subject: Re: [powderworks] Oil Tank remasters - any opinions?
From: John McCrory
Date: 13/05/2017, 8:28 am
To: Koala Sprint
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Yeah was not sure about that one....that only makes it worse....There is an  unpleasant taste since this reunion has been announced really feel the Australian fans have been screwed over i.e concerts, ticket price....band getting richer fans get the picture..  

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Isn't it 4? 
Blackfella, black rain, oils in the water and Capitol theatre?


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A little disappointed with the Overflow Tank....the sticker at the top states “14+ Hours Previously Unreleased & Rare Sound & Vision on 4 CDs & 8 DVD”...3 of the DVD have previously been available.....


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Subject: [powderworks] Oil Tank remasters - any opinions?





Anyone gotten and listened to the remasters on CD? Just wondering if there's a valid reason to consider buying these albums again (or again, again.. and again), other than the nifty little oil drum container?


Great show in DC the other night. If only I had the spare time of my youth to chase the band around the country from venue to venue... guess I'll have to get a new account on Dime for when the bootlegs start popping up.