Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: Super Pack Tickets?
From: mossman@pacbell.net
Date: 1/05/2017, 10:52 pm

For the Oakland show, I recently went online to Ticketmaster for some reason I can't recall.  The show "sold out" there a long time ago, but now I notice sales for Platinum seats.  These seats are in pairs only, and are located in the second row of the Loge.  Those are some of the best seats in the house.

Reading the description of what Platinum seats are, they are seats reserved by the band, among other aspects.  My suspicion is that they were seats held for folks who bought the full box set, but now that many have gone unclaimed, they are now on sale at $250.  If correct, folks can generally expect really good seats when they get their tickets from the box set.