Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: Overflow Tank Track Listing
From: mossman@pacbell.net
Date: 28/04/2017, 11:23 pm

When I saw the tracklist, I went first to the demo and rarities disks and was a bit disappointed.  I had hoped for at least one fully developed track I had not heard before, but that wasn't to be.  I'm also not that excited about the demos, but who knows, I may be happily surprised when I actually hear them.  But then my eyes went down to the various concerts and documentaries and my disappointment melted away.  Ultimately this is an impressive collection of material throughout their career.

Had they not made some strong hints that they wanted to record more music, it was almost sad to contemplate the material.  It has an end of the line feel, like "well, now it's over, let's take a look at a series of interesting events from our past" kind of thing.

In any event, it looks like this package will be worth the wait.