Midnight Oil

Subject: Denver Tickets May 23rd for sale FACE VALUE
From: Edward Gorman
Date: 16/04/2017, 7:21 am
To: "powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au" <powderworks@yahoogroups.com.au>

Midnight Oil

So sorry that my first post to the list is trying to sell tickets! But I find myself with 3 extra tickets and I would prefer to sell them to true fans at face value.

Denver was the most economical city I could fly to from Texas that the Oils were playing. When tickets went on sale I kept reloading the page even after the show sold out trying to get a better seat than the last one I purchased. So now I have 3 extra tickets that I don't need. Not trying to make any money at all on these tickets just face value plus service charge. Or, if anyone has a connection with a hotel or AirBnB, I am willing to make a trade. Or air miles even. I've attached a seating chart that shows the location of the tickets.

I am so excited about the show! With 170 songs rehearsed and the potential for each show to be so different I wish I could attend more, but with the band skipping Texas I'm lucky to be able to make it to this one. Saw them back in 90 and it was one of the most powerful shows I've ever seen.