Midnight Oil

Subject: Re:: RE: [powderworks] Facebook page
From: kristi.barrow@gmail.com
Date: 5/04/2017, 7:30 pm

Hi All

Long term lurker! Great to see the list back firing. Nothing like a controversy!!

So glad to recognise familiar names here

I also announced I was leaving the Facebook group. It's not the Powderworks I remember. It's a midnight Oil fan page - which is great!!!

But Powderworks has been and always will a community. THis cannot be replicated by a self appointed admin who gets to decided what people talk about and has no issues deleting peoples comments.

Also I take offence at the admin claiming he speaks for the band and that 0.1% are running it for the rest of them.

There is definitely a place for both, however under the current regime I will not be having anything to do with the Facebook group. Which makes me sad :(

I have started a secret Facebook group which everyone here is welcome to join and be an admin. It is not run by anyone.  And for me prob get easiest way for me to share gig reports in Realtime.

I'll take it off secret for now so you guys can find it and sign up.

I am so excited for this upcoming tour and hope to see some of you again and for the first time in person!

See ya